My Anglican Journey Part VII

After not posting on my journey for some time, I thought it best to try to pick up where I left off.

After my shower, I was on fire.

I came back from Portland changed.  It wasn't clear what it meant, but I knew I would never be the same.  God had (and still has) substantial work that needed to be done in my life, and I was anxious for him to do it.

I knew I had to take a good look in the mirror.  Faced with who I had made myself, i.e., drunk, partying, unhappy, bitter (Thanks, Brian :) ) and headed nowhere, it was time to take what God said was true about me seriously.  Words like blessed, chosen, forgiven, adopted were not necessarily new, but I needed to learn them from an experiential point of view.

I stayed in Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru) through my college years.  In the summer of 92,' I went on a summer project to Lake Tahoe.  This was an opportunity for 65 or so college students from around the U.S. and even the world, to gather in one location and grow spiritually for the summer.  I learned about grace, girls, roommates, my deep need for Jesus and the Angora Lakes Enema.

My life wouldn't look like it does right now without this pivotal summer.  I am so grateful for the many lessons I learned and the friendships I made.  Many of them I am still in touch with on Facebook, while others I am even closer.

At the University of Montana, I was discipled by Tom who helped me immensely. Each week we would do what were called "randoms."  A random occurs when we would approach a student and say "Hey I'm Bob with CCC and this is my friend Tom. Do you have a minute for us to share a four-point outline on the New Testament with you?"  While it was artificial and uncomfortable, God used them in my life and in the lives of students who came to faith or strengthened their faith through this approach.

Anyway, one day we were supposed to do a random, (I believe I had successfully avoided it in multiple weeks) and Tom was maybe taking some heat because I wasn't following through with my responsibilities.  I asked him if he was catching flack because of me and my unwillingness.  He indicated that was the case, so I agreed.

I don't remember the results or anything like that, but I do remember that I valued Tom not getting into trouble because of me more than I did cold-turkey evangelism.  But my love for sharing my faith was established somewhere in there. It also showed me how much I value people and relationships.  He went on to be a Presbyterian pastor. Thanks so much Tom. I am truly grateful for you.

In the Fall of 92', I met a beauty from Central Montana.  She had just re-dedicated her life to Christ as well.  If I was fire, she was gasoline.

Amy stretched me in ways I didn't know I could be stretched.  She wanted to be the first woman Governor of Montana, was smarter and just as quick witted as I was.  I had never met anyone like her.   She was funny and kind.  We hung out in groups throughout much of 92'-93' but as Spring approached our relationship deepened.

To quote Mal from Firefly, "You fog things up. You always have. You spin me about."

Amy certainly did that to me.  It is a fog that has never lifted, and to this day, she still spins me about.

© Bob Fabey