The number 59 and why I am grateful for Hillary

I don't think this election was about racism or sexism.  It wasn't as simple as all that.  I'm not sure what it was about honestly.  History will be able to tell us a bit more.  I do believe it will be a salvo of some sort and I pray people are listening.

Women are smart.  Women are capable.  Women are tough.  Women are shrewd. Women are wise.  Women are great leaders.  Women are great innovators.  Women are great team builders.  Women are great strategists.  Am I missing anything?

I grew up in a home with a strong female presence.  My mom, despite the odds, went from nursing school in the 60's to helping pioneer home health in our state.  She is all of the things I listed above.  I married a woman like her.  My wife is an incredible human being. Both of them have shared with me the struggles of being in a world that seems to think it is ok to pay men more, have an "Old Boys Club", and allow sexism to prevail.

As a member of the clergy, I have asked this question from a different angle.  How is it that an ordination interview for a woman and a man can ask the exact same questions but for the man it is ordination and a woman it is consecration?  How is it that women can start, lead and develop congregations overseas but in the U.S. she can't? (I know some denominations are past this)  Is it because "those people" are brown or yellow?  Is it because "they" are poor?

59 other countries have had women leaders before the United States.  Isn't this the land of opportunity?  Isn't this the land of equality?  How is this the case?  We are supposed to be progressive and lead the world.  59 other countries!  This is simply untenable.

For those hoping for Clinton to be elected take heart.  While she didn't win, she was close.  We are incredibly close to electing a woman into the office of the Presidency and joining 59 other countries who understand this isn't an issue.  I am close to being able to look my daughter in the eye, and without hesitation say "You can be anything you want."

I know without Susan B. Anthony, Jeanette Rankin, and a whole host of other women, Hillary wouldn't be here and I am grateful.  My grandchildren will benefit from Hillary Clinton running for office. Maybe you supported her for other reasons but I am grateful that a woman ran.  Hillary didn't break the glass ceiling but she put a crack in it.  I am grateful that we are one step closer to shattering this particular glass ceiling.  And once this one is gone, the rest must go.

© Bob Fabey