This Day in History...

The clerk looked at me with suspicion and concern as I walked up to the counter with a large bottle of Mylanta and a corn dog.  My stomach was twisted in knots and I knew I had to put something in it to squelch its convulsions.  I had waited for this moment for a very long time. Just a week or so earlier I had asked permission from her mom and dad to ask her hand in marriage and now it was happening.  Years of longing were coming to a rapid conclusion. Her friends were in on it.  I had arranged to drive to the camp ground she was at for a weekend retreat.  She had no idea I was back in town.  Suzy Opitz met me at the campground entrance.  A wet snow was falling as I handed her the roses that would be placed throughout the campground as part of a scavenger hunt I wrote for her.

It made it look like her friends had done it but I would be at the end, on one shaky knee and asking a very important question. I know life is filled with really important decisions but some times, they can make all the difference.  On 4/8/95, she said 'Yes.' and it has made all the difference in the world to me.

I would drink that Mylanta and eat that corn dog and take that long drive over and over and over if it meant that you would say 'Yes' to me again. I would never change this day in History.


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