Will You Marry Me?

At the age of 24 I didn't know much.  I didn't know what I would become (still a work in process), didn't know what I would get paid to do for a living (work in progress) and wasn't sure where I would live. What I became increasingly convinced of was who I wanted to live with. Amy and I had been dating for about three years and I had graduated from the University of Montana in the Fall.  Spring was here are Amy was about to graduate. What I didn't know was she was ready to walk.  Not the kind of walk you make when you graduate but the kind of walk you take when the man you love doesn't act on his affections. I was so concerned to do the right thing that the process I followed in order to make the decision to ask Amy to marry me almost cost me!  For months I asked people, prayed considered and thought myself into the last moments.  This is what it looked like. 'Do I love her? Yes.  Do you want to live life without her?  No.  Then you better ask her for her hand in marriage.   I knew that much. Her parents were gracious to me and were happy to give me permission to which I have been grateful for the last 20 yrs.  So this is what I did. She was at Big Sky Bible Camp near Bigfork MT.  I talked with her friends and roommates, bought some roses and took a long drive.  I created a scavenger hunt design to be from her friends to cheer her up.  They willingly participated and at each stop were flowers and a note of encouragement as well as directions to the next group of flowers and note. She found me on my knee at the end of the hunt, completely convinced (nervous to be sure!) of what I knew.  I knew I wanted her to marry me. I have known for the last 20 yrs. that was the most important decision I had made with Christ. I have never regretted it.  I could never imagine the beauty she has become and continues to reveal before me.  I am undeserving on every level.  She could have done much better.  I am so glad she chose to say yes.   I know that much. Thanks for saying yes for all these years Amy.


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